From international corporates to personal brands, I’ve had the pleasure of working with them all. Some require building from the ground up, for others it’s all about the implementation.

Shelia has an incredible talent for making hats with a difference. The love and care she puts into them is amazing, so I wanted to create something that reflected that spirit. Working with Peter Evers, we created a stunning set of photographs that became part of her brand and was applied to her website, literature and press features.

Brand Creation // Photographic Direction // Consumer Literature

Patrick Oman is quite a legend in the moving and logistics industry, so when he approached me to look at his new consultancy offering, I was delighted to get involved. The project included a new brand, stationery and a series of photographs including one of his favourite Landrovers. The key focus was to produce material that was reflective of his character in a confident, yet friendly manner.

Brand Creation // Web Design // Photographic Direction //Video Assets //

Finn & Elder approached me to create a new name and brand for an exclusive range of outdoor furniture inspired by the coast. From name generation to brand creation, I assured that all touch-points and promotions from cushion labels, advertisements, lifestyle photography, social posts and emotive videos, were all in the spirit of the brand and offering.

Brand Creation // Web Design // Photographic Direction // Video Assets // Online Promotion // Sales Collateral // Consumer Literature // Product Packaging //

Before Monart was fully completed, I was handed the challenge of promoting the brand and capturing the forthcoming and important Christmas voucher market. Two ads for the Irish Times were subsquently produced, one showing a nude in a ‘closed’ pose in a winter forest and the other, ‘open’ and relaxed when nutured in spring, of which Monart represented.

Brand Creation // Web Design // Photographic Direction // Press Advertisng // Exhibition Design // Way Finding // Consumer Literature //

Biddy Gonzales is an exciting range of Mex Tex food created by two Irish sisters who took inspiration from their Mexican travels. I worked with them from the outset, creating the brand, packaging, and photographic library (based on a Thelma & Louise concept) for all their collateral. A sense of fun and bold ethnic colours were applied for clear brand recognition.

Brand Creation // Web Design // Photographic Direction // Exhibition Design // Sales Collateral // Product Packaging //

Together with copywriter colleague Siobhan Burke, we produce a range of content-rich material for the Dublin office of Odgers Berndtson, an international executive search firm. One of the more light-hearted online promotions was a Christmas campaign posted on LinkedIn. The concept showed past ‘sought-after toys’ and matched relevant headlines to Odger’s recruitment ‘speak’.

Online Promotion // Event Communication // B2B Literature // Content Creation // Podcasts // Photographic Direction //

Times change, so when Caragh Nurseries wanted a new brand that reflected their business offering, I got the call! An elaborate C motif was created to run through all their marketing collateral, from signage, livery, literature, videos and photography. They now enjoy increased brand recognition for their products and design services, helped hugely by their distinctive identity and media activity.

Brand Creation // Web Design // Photographic Direction // Video Assets // Online Promotion // Way Finding // Consumer Literature // Press Advertising //

When asked how a range of honey could be introduced into the UK market, an exploratory brand workshop was hosted and ‘Sarah’s Honey’ was born. We also created a ‘her world’ story, that really appealled to the target consumer through tactile packaging, photography and a emotive video, resulting in new international markets for the client.

Brand Creation // Photographic Direction // Video Assets // Exhibition Design // Sales Collateral // Product Packaging //

TaskLED offer the most innovative and progressive ideas in modern, task-focused lighting, so the new brand had to mirror the company values. Once designed, I then worked with a photographer and copywriter to create a range of original content, ensuring the website was set to the highest standards. Additional material included sales material and on-brand LinkedIn posts.

Brand Creation // Web Design // Photographic Direction // Online Promotion // Sales Collateral

Designing Harry’s retrospective book was a real labour of love and a challenge too, ensuring his legacy as one of Ireland’s most inventive photographers was honoured. Reflecting his passion for exacting standards, great attention to detail was applied not only to each page design, but also in the beautiful printing and book binding processes.

Brand Creation // Book Design // Exhibition Design //

Irish Urns and Memorial Trees are complementary sister companies that offer cremation urns and memorial trees to the funeral trade and customers direct. I was asked to produce sensitive literature for both markets that utilised some existing and newly sourced photography. To enhance the message emotive headlines and copy were also crafted, along with a new logotype for Irish Memorial Trees.

Brand Creation // Consumer and Trade Literature //

When one of my favourite Dublin book shops commissioned me to direct a photographic shoot for their historic shop, I was overjoyed. Several aspects were captured, from atmospheric images of interior, exterior (yes, that’s me in the photo) and or course, rare and precious books. A number of social media posts were also created from the images taken on the shoot day.
Photographic Direction // Online Promotion